Ten Broeck Obituary

Died, Friday, Jan. 19, (1810) Gen. Abraham Ten Broeck, in the 76th year of his age. He was conspicuous for the ardent love of his country, in whose service he devoted his best days. His remains were buried with military honors, and attended by a large and very general concourse of his fellow-citizens. He was descended from one of the most respectable Dutch families of the colony of New York. His father was for many years recorder and then mayor of the city of Albany. He commenced business in the city as a merchant, and was married in 1753 to the only sister of the Patroon, who survived him. He was called early into public life; was for many years a member of assembly under the colonial government, and at the commencement of the American war he entered upon the trying scenes of the revolution, with distinguished ardor and patriotism. He was colonel of the militia, member of the provincial congress of 1775, delegate to the state convention in 1776, of which he was made president. Early in the contest, he was appointed brigadier-general of the militia, by which appointment he had then under his command all the militia from Dutchess and Ulster, to the northern and western extremities of the state; and he rendered in that capacity zealous and meritorious services in the memorable campaign of 1777. He was a member in the state senate, mayor of the city, first judge of the court of common pleas, and president of the Albany Bank. In all his various offices and public trusts, he acquitted himself well, without stain and without reproach. Such a series of meritorious services entitle this venerable patriot to live long in the recollection of his grateful country. His virtues in private life rose to a level with the excellence of his public character. He was a firm and devout believer in the gospel of our blessed Redeemer, and one of the brightest ornaments of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in this city. He closed a well-spent life in humble resignation, and retaining his senses to the last, died under the cheering Consolations of the gospel.

Printed in the newspaper and re-printed here.

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