St. Joseph’s Academy

Photo Credit: All Over Albany

Photo Credit: All Over Albany

On the south side of North Swan Street stands St. Joseph’s Academy.  The Academy was a co-ed high school started in 1906 by Albany Bishop Thomas Martin Aloysius Burke, also a pastor at St. Joseph’s Church. The last reports indicate that it stopped operating as a school in 1966.

Over the last few years the Albany Barn, the Albany Housing Authority and the City of Albany have partnered to redevelop the St. Joseph’s Academy building into 22 low-cost live/work residences, and 12,000+ square feet of multi-tenant creative arts incubator, enterprise and program space including work and rehearsal suites, a dance studio, and digital media lab. The project is called “The Barn/Academy Lofts”.

Click here to see some absolutely stunning photos of the Academy before its amazing transformation.

For more information on how to live and work at The Barn visit

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