Swan Street

Courtesy of Morris Gerber Photography Collection Albany Institute of History & Art Library

North Swan Street borders the western edge of the Ten Broeck Triangle.  Once a bustling urban center, with shops, schools and residents North Swan Street saw a sharp and dramatic decline in the latter half of the 20th century.  At one point North Swan Street was considered one of the worst locations in the city.  Crime, neglect and overall decline plagued the area.  However, not too long ago most of the area was vacant and even the criminals had left the area for dead.  That’s when former neighborhood residents and city officials began calling for a renaissance, remembering the days when children played in the parks and stores lined the street.

Today the City of Albany and the Albany Housing Authority along with organizations such as Albany Barn and private investors have started to turn the street back around.  Currently plans are underway to renovate existing housing stock, welcome new businesses, turn St. Joseph’s Academy into lofts and art space, and redesign the streetscape and parks.

It won’ t be long until North Swan Street is once again an active and lively center of commerce and an invaluable asset to the neighborhood.