Neighborhood Update

1) St Joseph’s Terrace Sewer Repair  – Happening Currently 

See Below: A Message sent from our councilman- Ron Bailey

We discovered a 12” sewer collapse and an associated sinkhole on St. Joseph’s Terrace last night. We will be responding today with our emergency contractor to initiate bypass pumping and make the repair. We are working with DGS to get a tree cut down as well before we can start digging. This sewer is a clay tile pipe installed in 1891.

Joseph E. Coffey, Jr., P.E., Commissioner

City of Albany, Department of Water and Water Supply

2) To Report Problems with  Illegal Trash or Other Issues in the Neighborhood:

The Department of General Services (DGS) now has an APP that you can down load on your phone.

The APP is called SCF (See Click Fix). This APP allows you to list the issue, photograph it and send it in to DGS in Albany. When the trash is on private property, DGS contacts the owner and gives them 5 days to clean it up. If this is not done, DGS picks the trash up and bills the property owner.

3) Breathing Lights , Wednesday, February 10 from 6:30– 8:30 PM

at Stage 1 Gallery, 46-48 N. Swan Street. From:
Please Join Us: Breathing Lights Community Forum

Please join us on Wednesday, February 10th from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Stage 1 Gallery, 46-48 N. Swan Street for a community discussion on Breathing Lights, a public art project addressing the issues of blight and vacancy in our communities!

Prior to our community think tank on Breathing Lights, we will also be hosting a world cafe style discussion on community development through the creative arts, co-hosted by Siena College from 5:00 –6:30, so feel free to join us for that conversation as well!

Contact Kristen Holler – Ex Dir Albany Barn for the flyer.

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Holiday Party!


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Upcoming Holiday Events @ The Ten Broeck Mansion

Holiday House Events at Ten Broeck Mansion

First Look: Thursday, December 3rd, 6:00 pm

Join us for a preview of the Mansion’s gracious rooms and halls beautifully decorated for the holiday by community volunteers. Enjoy light hors d’oeuvres, a holiday gift shop, and a visit from Sinterklaas. $10/$5 for ACHA members. Reservations encouraged.

Holiday Teas: Friday December 4th and Saturday December 5th, 1:00 pm

Enjoy a festive Holiday Tea served in the formal dining room. Sit with friends in one of the lovely parlors and then stroll through the beautifully decorated rooms and hallways. Stop in the Holiday Gift Shop for early gift shopping. $25 per person/$20 ACHA members. Pre-paid reservations required.

Scrooge Lecture: Wednesday December 9th, 1:00 pm

Carl Devito will give a talk on his book, “Inventing Scrooged.” Light refreshments served. $5/Free for ACHA members. Reservations encouraged.

Musicians of Malwyk: Friday, December 11th, 6:00 pm

Enjoy refreshments while listening to this talented duo play a variety of Christmas tunes of different nationalities and early music. $25 per person/$20 for ACHA members. Reservations encouraged.

Open House: Saturday, December 12th, 12:00 pm—3:00 pm

Begin the Albany holiday season with a visit to Holiday House at Ten Broeck Mansion’s Open House. Stroll through the 18th Century mansion, shop in the Holiday Gift Shop, buy christmas cookies, and let the children enjoy holiday crafts and a visit from Sinterklaas (12 to 2pm). $5 per adult $1 for children under 12.

Candlelit Tour: Thursday and Friday, December 17th and 18th, 7:00pm

We enjoy holiday traditions every year, but how did some of those traditions originate? Have they always been the same? How would the original 18th and 19th Century inhabitants of the Ten Broeck Mansion have celebrated Christmas in their home? How did the Civil War change popular Yuletide traditions in America? We’ll give you a candle to light your way on a journey through time that sheds light on the history of the American Christmas. $15 per person/$10 for members. Reservations encouraged.

Children’s Story Hour: Saturday, December 19th, 10:30am-12:00pm

Bring your children to hear Holiday stories read by Sinterklaas, take photos with Sinterklaas, and decorate cookies. (Recommended ages 3 to 10). Free admission.

Madrigals: Saturday, December 19th, 2pm-4pm

Enjoy afternoon coffee & desserts and holiday songs performed by the full ensemble of the Helderberg Madrigal Singers. Stroll through the beautifully decorated Mansion rooms and hallways. $25/$20 for ACHA members. Reservations encouraged.

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Neighborhood Improvement Task Force Meeting

Monday November 16, 7-8 PM, 26 1st Street

A Task Force of interested people will meet and discuss neighborhood priorities: what we want to see accomplished in the neighborhood  – from dirty sidewalks to unkept parks, assistance with flower beds in the parks, traffic speeds, noise, and St. Joseph’s Church.
The Task Force will be composed of interested neighbors. It will meet once per month, for one hour, rotating locations on the Triangle. The first meeting will be held at 26 1st Street. At this meeting we can brainstorm ways to improve and achieve our goals for the neighborhood. Please feel free to join this group. RSVP., or (518) 432-0849

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Neighborhood Meeting October 8th


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Robin Hood!

robin hood

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We’re getting a market soon!

Great news for downtown, we are finally getting a market!

It will be a fresh food market with organic and non-GMO foods open 7 days a week until 9 pm!  This is absolutely amazing, can’t wait.

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Neighborhood Meeting April 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

You are invited to our Spring Neighborhood Meeting, Thursday, April 16, 7-8:30 PM at the Ten Broeck Mansion, 9 Ten Broeck Place, Albany, 12210.

We are honored to present two special Guest Speakers

Christopher P. Spencer, Director of Planning for the City of Albany


David Laccetti
Adjunct Faculty Professor
ITT Technical Institute
Albany, NY 12205

ITT has been given the task by the Mayor of Albany, to document the existing church
and produce a 3d computer model of the church and neighborhood.

In addition to this, ITT will be developing a  Feasibility study, in conjunction with
other various Albany City Agencies and consultants.

Each presenter will speak to us about the future development of St. Joseph’s Church and take questions and answers from the audience. Residents are also encouraged to share their visions, concerns, and future aspirations for the St. Joseph’s Church and our neighborhood.

Please join us for this exciting event – as we begin the process of going forward together with the City of Albany in the unfoldment and development of our great neighborhood.

* Bring your friends from the neighborhood!

* Let’s Celebrate the Spring together!

* Meet your Neighbors and plan for the Future!

Sponsored by the Ten Broeck Triangle Preservation League– Founded in 199

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St. Joe’s Announcement!

The Ten Broeck Triangle Preservation League
Mimi O’Neill, President
Dear Neighbors and Friends,
Greetings to all!
I am happy to announce to you that St. Joseph’s Church, the centerpiece of our Ten Broeck Triangle has been handed over to the City of Albany. The process has been a long and arduous one, beginning back in June of 2013 when Historic Albany Foundation chose to hand the church back to the City. A transfer audit ensued in June 2013 of all the grants HAF had received from the State of New York for repair and renovation of the building.  This was required for the handover. It was completed several months ago. Since then we have been waiting for this exciting event – namely the City taking over the ownership of the church.
We, the residents in the neighborhood, have been waiting for the handover to occur so that more repair, renovation, and a future use can be developed for the church. Over a year ago, we formed a Task Force to research and develop plans for its future. The Task Force met consistently for quite a number of months and came up with some inspiring and innovating ideas for the church. At the top of the list was developing the building as a “training school” for historic renovation.
In recent days we reached out to the City about being part of the ongoing planning and development of the church.  Yesterday, the Planning Department contacted me regarding our participation in this process. We will be re-constituting our Task Force to participate in this endeavor. I invite anyone who is interested or who has expertise in the reuse of historic buildings and would like to contribute to join us in this project. Please contact me if you would like to serve in the Task Force (monthly meetings to be scheduled in the future).  After our initial meetings with the Planning Department, we will report back and share whatever is planned.
What an exciting time! We look forward to a positive and constructive relationship with the City and the Department of Planning regarding our most amazing and noble center piece, St Joseph’s Church.
I welcome your comments,questions and suggestions!
We will schedule a TTPL neighborhood meeting in the near future.
Best Wishes,
Mimi O’Neill,President, The Ten Broeck Triangle Preservation League
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“The Brothers: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in Albany”

Date:               Monday, January 19, 2015

Time:               2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Location:        King’s Place Gallery

29 North Swan Street

Albany, New York 12210

The Albany County Historical Association presents…

Exhibit Opening: “The Brothers: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in Albany”

The Mid-1960’s was a time of turbulence and triumph that challenged the social consciousness of America. As we consider the 50th year Anniversaries of important milestones of the Civil Rights Movement of that period, including the March on Washington, The Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the War on Poverty…and remember “Selma”…the question is asked what was Albany doing?  This exhibit offers a glimpse.

Documentary screening (19 minutes); Light Refreshments


  • Kathy Sheehan, Mayor City of Albany
  • Brian Keough, Chair, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University at Albany
  • Members of the Brothers: Earl Thorpe, Purcell McDowell
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