St. Joe’s Announcement!

The Ten Broeck Triangle Preservation League
Mimi O’Neill, President
Dear Neighbors and Friends,
Greetings to all!
I am happy to announce to you that St. Joseph’s Church, the centerpiece of our Ten Broeck Triangle has been handed over to the City of Albany. The process has been a long and arduous one, beginning back in June of 2013 when Historic Albany Foundation chose to hand the church back to the City. A transfer audit ensued in June 2013 of all the grants HAF had received from the State of New York for repair and renovation of the building.  This was required for the handover. It was completed several months ago. Since then we have been waiting for this exciting event – namely the City taking over the ownership of the church.
We, the residents in the neighborhood, have been waiting for the handover to occur so that more repair, renovation, and a future use can be developed for the church. Over a year ago, we formed a Task Force to research and develop plans for its future. The Task Force met consistently for quite a number of months and came up with some inspiring and innovating ideas for the church. At the top of the list was developing the building as a “training school” for historic renovation.
In recent days we reached out to the City about being part of the ongoing planning and development of the church.  Yesterday, the Planning Department contacted me regarding our participation in this process. We will be re-constituting our Task Force to participate in this endeavor. I invite anyone who is interested or who has expertise in the reuse of historic buildings and would like to contribute to join us in this project. Please contact me if you would like to serve in the Task Force (monthly meetings to be scheduled in the future).  After our initial meetings with the Planning Department, we will report back and share whatever is planned.
What an exciting time! We look forward to a positive and constructive relationship with the City and the Department of Planning regarding our most amazing and noble center piece, St Joseph’s Church.
I welcome your comments,questions and suggestions!
We will schedule a TTPL neighborhood meeting in the near future.
Best Wishes,
Mimi O’Neill,President, The Ten Broeck Triangle Preservation League
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