Common Council Meeting Tonight!

Common Council Member, Ron Bailey encourages as many Ten Broeck Triangle neighbors as possible to turn out for this very important hearing regarding the Elks Lodge’s application for a Cabaret License.  The Lodge is close by in our neighborhood on 2nd Street. The Cabaret License would allow them to be open till  4 AM in the morning and would encourage more alcohol consumption, potential drunken behavior, including more crime and vandalism. At the Common Council meeting Ron will be speaking with the Law Department (representatives of the police) to limit the Cabaret hours. The more support he has from neighbors who speak, the better. This demonstrates community support and involvement.

“If you show up and speak, they will pay considerable attention to what you say. This will also give the police and myself, as the council member, the chance to have input into this issue.  Please get the people out and have a voice!”

Usually, one most sign up at the City Clerk’s Office  City Hall 2nd Floor) by noon – to speak at the Common Council Meetings. However, you may just show up and fill in a form at the CC Meeting or call the City Clerk to register at:  (518) 434-5090.

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  1. mick says:

    This is the same Elk’s lodge where a man was stabbed to death at a birthday party in 2011. Coincidentally, the stabbing occurred just before 4 am.

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