City Council Passes Resolution Against Brewery

Last night the common council passed a resolution 10-1 opposing the Ravens Head Brewery proposal, citing its conflict with our quiet residential neighborhood.  You can read the Times Union article here.  Again at the meeting, Historic Albany Foundation put forward the idea that this proposal was the only way to save the building, however it is clear that residents and the council don’t feel the same way.

Residents and law makers are also not buying the St. Patrick’s analogy.  As has been pointed out in the past St. Joe’s has been stabilized and is not in an emergency condition.  Furthermore, St. Patrick’s was privately owned with owners who were not interested in preservation.  That is not the situation with St. Joe’s, although HAF is attempting to place St. Joe’s into the hands of private investors from New Jersey, investors who do not have a stake in the neighborhood or Albany.

The zoning board has still not yet voted on the variance request, but opposition seems to be growing and support seems to be waning.

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