The Wall Street Journal just published this article which seems pretty timely for the current debate.  It is about how churches are being converted into homes all across the US, with success!

As the article states, “[a]rchitects have found creative ways to convert these historic buildings—which often have 40- or 50-foot-high ceilings, few or no interior walls and stained-glass windows—into homes and apartments that will sell for millions of dollars.”

Many supporters of the Ravens Head Brewing proposal have asked, “If not this, then what?”  Inferring the brewery proposal is the only answer to the question.

But as the article above shows, and a quick google search for “church conversions” confirms, many churches are being converted to condominiums and residential homes across the country. Since St. Joseph’s has never been placed on the market, we don’t know if there is a development or building company out there looking to help convert St. Joe’s into residential dwellings or not.   Cities like Boston and Chicago are finding that residential church conversions are hot markets!

I mean, wouldn’t you want this to be your bathroom?


Or how about this for your living room?


So for all the supporters, who aren’t already living in the neighborhood, would you rent or buy a condo in the church?

Oh and if this article hasn’t already inspired you to type “church conversions” into google, do it already! The conversions are stunningly breathtaking.

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