Restoration Festival is this weekend.  Starting on the 7th until the 9th.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to support music and the neighborhood.

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  1. MJC says:

    It was a great preview of what Ravens Head would do for the neighborhood. Make that what they would do TO the neighborhood. Noise, congestion, cars illegally parked everywhere. Cars were parked on the wrong side for the entire length of lower First Street for all three days of the event. Both Hall Place and St. Joseph’s Terrace were completely blocked Sunday night after concert-goers ignored the signs and did not move for alternate parking at 6 pm. Both streets were passable only after several cars were noisily towed away. Call me a skeptic, but I’m not buying the line that RH will have a credible plan for handling parking concerns in our historic neighborhood. Rest Fest was one weekend. Add 51+ weeks of more of the same if HAF and the city of Albany allow the brewery folly to become reality. (Ritual disclaimer: I like music, and I like beer, but I wouldn’t ruin someone else’s neighborhood for either one.)

    • JAK says:

      MJC – I believe RHB plans to be closed on Sundays – if not for anything else but to save their customers from being towed! But I will agree parking was certainly a nightmare this weekend and the infrastructure of our little neighborhood cannot withstand that type of influx on a daily basis. Although I did get some entertainment watching the cops and parking enforcement scramble on Sunday. I too am very skeptical of RHB’s “plans” for parking in our neighborhood. I can “put up” with and even enjoy the occasional yearly event in the name of art and restoration, but everyday is definitely another story.

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