St. Joes Brewery?

Recently Ravens Head Brewing posted on their Facebook page that they are moving ahead with an application to the Board of Zoning Appeals, although they get the name wrong in their post…

I don’t believe anyone in the neighborhood has been notified of a meeting date, but it seems like things are progressing. I hope HAF and RHB stay true to their word and invite more community discussion. Although, if they are moving ahead with an application that is hard to envision.

Does anyone know anymore about this?  I tried to find an application or meeting agenda containing RHB’s proposal on the BZA website and I did not see anything, but maybe I missed something.

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  1. Dave Schachne says:

    Hold On Folks. . . .

    Step 1 is for Ravens Head to apply for a Building Permit.

    Step 2 is for Ravens Head to receive a “denial letter” form the Building Department.

    Step 3 is for Ravens Head to apply for a zoning variance; in this case Ravens Head need a “Use Variance” (rather than a Special Use Permit) since a brewery is NOT a “permitted special use” in an R-2B district such as the Ten Broeck Triangle.

    Step 4 is for Ravens Head to be scheduled for a BZA hearing date, and prior to the hearing, the BZA is supposed to notify neighbors of the proposal and date of hearing.

    FYI, these 4 steps can take a month or more (typically more) to transpire.

    Dave Schachne
    Housing, Grants & Development
    For: Albany Housing Coalition, Inc.

    • JAK says:

      Thanks Dave. By the comment on their Facebook feed it seemed like they managed to get to step 4 already. Maybe they have, maybe they have not. The Facebook comment is cryptic seeing how they got the name wrong. But if they know they will be denied a building permit couldn’t they just “skip” ahead to steps 3 and 4?

      • MJC says:

        The cart is way ahead of the horse. Along with the process Dave outlined, HAF’s board would have to give Ravenshead the green light. Has that happened? If not, talk of any formal review by the city is premature. You generally can’t apply for permits and variances for a building you don’t own. As far as I know, HAF hasn’t sold the building or given its consent to the brewery proposal.

      • JAK says:

        MJC – my understanding is that HAF has given approval to RHB to apply for the variances and necessary permits, although I do think you are correct in that they would not be able to apply for such things if they did not own the building. My understanding is HAF has given the “green light” and will move forward with selling the building if the permits are issued. Also to address Dave’s earlier comment I believe they are applying for the building permits this week.

    • Thank you Dave for your clarifications about the process.

      To all, Susan is on vacation. When she returns HAF will be happy to respond to questions and concerns. The discussion is taking a long time and as we said at the community meeting, we would be exploring the option. Our board agreed to explore this option. The Ravens Head Brewery facebook page is not controlled or influenced by HAF in any way.

      Thank you,

      HAF Staff

  2. MJC says:

    HAF promised to keep the neighborhood informed. I must have missed the part where HAF told us that the HAF board decided that Ravenshead had its blessing to apply for permits and variances for a building HAF still owns.

    I didn’t miss the part, also per Facebook, where one of the principals in Ravenshead decided that the closest he wants to live to the Triangle and his proposed business venture is Kinderhook.

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