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Spring Neighborhood Meeting


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Water main break

There is a water main break on 1st Street today (11/1/16) between Hawk and Ten Breock Streets.
DGS has said that it could take till 6 or 7 PM this evening to repair it. If you live on this block, please take steps to ensure you have some water for basics like drinking, cooking and to flush a toilet.
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Neighborhood Meeting Notice


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Spring Neighborhood Meeting


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Neighborhood Update

1) St Joseph’s Terrace Sewer Repair  – Happening Currently 

See Below: A Message sent from our councilman- Ron Bailey

We discovered a 12” sewer collapse and an associated sinkhole on St. Joseph’s Terrace last night. We will be responding today with our emergency contractor to initiate bypass pumping and make the repair. We are working with DGS to get a tree cut down as well before we can start digging. This sewer is a clay tile pipe installed in 1891.

Joseph E. Coffey, Jr., P.E., Commissioner

City of Albany, Department of Water and Water Supply

2) To Report Problems with  Illegal Trash or Other Issues in the Neighborhood:

The Department of General Services (DGS) now has an APP that you can down load on your phone.

The APP is called SCF (See Click Fix). This APP allows you to list the issue, photograph it and send it in to DGS in Albany. When the trash is on private property, DGS contacts the owner and gives them 5 days to clean it up. If this is not done, DGS picks the trash up and bills the property owner.

3) Breathing Lights , Wednesday, February 10 from 6:30– 8:30 PM

at Stage 1 Gallery, 46-48 N. Swan Street. From:
Please Join Us: Breathing Lights Community Forum

Please join us on Wednesday, February 10th from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Stage 1 Gallery, 46-48 N. Swan Street for a community discussion on Breathing Lights, a public art project addressing the issues of blight and vacancy in our communities!

Prior to our community think tank on Breathing Lights, we will also be hosting a world cafe style discussion on community development through the creative arts, co-hosted by Siena College from 5:00 –6:30, so feel free to join us for that conversation as well!

Contact Kristen Holler – Ex Dir Albany Barn for the flyer.

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Holiday Party!


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